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    Did you know that the legal system in Louisiana is unlike that of any other U.S. state? Unlike the other 49 states, which use English common law, Louisiana’s legal system is derived from the Civil Code that was established by Napoleon in 1804. The Napoleonic Code was combined with Spanish law and adopted by the state of Louisiana in 1812. As a result, Louisiana’s system of civil law gives greater authority to interpretation of the law than the common law system in other states.

    • Car Accidents
    • Truck Accidents
    • Motorcycle Accidents

    • Workers’ Compensation

    Consequently, if you’re looking for an accident injury lawyer in Louisiana, you need an attorney who knows the state’s complex legal system inside and out. Fortunately, our Louisiana accident lawyers at Carabin Shaw are experts in Louisiana law, and we are here to help you maximize the value of your claim. Read on to learn about our various practice areas and specialties.

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    Car Accidents

    According to NHTSA data on fatal car crashes, Louisiana is ranked number one (in a tie with Texas) for the state with the worst drivers in America. Our Louisiana accident attorneys have extensive experience handling car accident claims, and a knowledgeable Carabin Shaw lawyer can help you if you’ve been involved in a wreck in the Pelican State.

    Truck Accidents

    Louisiana drivers know all too well that the state’s hazardous highway conditions make safe driving extremely difficult—and this is especially true for commercial truck drivers. Several studies have found that the stretch of U.S. 90 located in South Louisiana is one of the most dangerous highways in the entire nation; in fact, an average of 27 fatal wrecks occur on this stretch every year. And making matters worse, the state currently has a backlog of $12 billion in transportation needs—meaning it will be years before these poor road conditions can be adequately addressed. But if you’ve been in a trucking accident that was caused by road hazards, a Carabin Shaw attorney can help you build your case against the state government.

    Motorcycle Accidents

    The fact that Louisiana has the worst roads in the country is not only a problem for truckers and drivers—it is also a huge problem for motorcyclists. Years of neglect—largely stemming from a lack of state funding for road construction and maintenance—has resulted in deteriorating roads that are increasingly congested. And while deep potholes are a nuisance for drivers, they can spell disaster for a motorcyclist. Whether your motorcycle accident was caused by road hazards or negligent driving on behalf of another party, our team of Louisiana accident attorneys at Carabin Shaw can help you with your claim.

    Workers’ Compensation

    Our Louisiana injury lawyers also specialize in workers’ compensation claims. Despite the state’s difficulties and history of systemic issues, Louisiana’s future is brighter than ever before, and new companies are bringing their businesses to the state every day. We are happy to be able to serve all of the state’s employees, in all fields, with their legal needs. If you are a worker in Louisiana looking for a lawyer to help with your workers’ compensation claim, Carabin Shaw can help.

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